YWCA Mohawk Valley Memorializes Local Domestic Violence Victim

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YWCA Mohawk Valley Memorializes Local Domestic Violence Victim

For the first time in five years, YWCA Mohawk Valley (YWCA MV) revealed a new addition to the Silent Witness Project: Cheri Saupp.

In May 2018, Cheri Saupp lost her life at the hands of her boyfriend, just weeks before her 50th birthday. By adding her story to the Silent Witness Project, YWCA MV will ensure that Cheri’s community will always remember her.

YWCA MV CEO Dianne Stancato was joined by members of Cheri’s family on October 5 at the agency’s Reclaiming Freedom gala. Together, they revealed the commemorative banner to the public for the first time.

“Every one of us at YWCA Mohawk Valley are honored to commemorate Cheri’s memory as a permanent fixture of our Silent Witness Project,” said Stancato. “Cheri Saupp, tonight and every night to come, we remember your name.”

The Silent Witness Project serves as a powerful reminder that domestic violence affects every community. YWCA MV’s project now stands with nine witnesses, all of whom are connected directly to the Mohawk Valley community.

YWCA MV also recognized Local CSEA 414 for their many years of support for the Silent Witness Project. The chapter’s Women’s Committee have generously dedicated their time, resources, and fundraising to the project since it was established locally in 2006.

Reclaiming Freedom serves as YWCA MV’s only dedicated fundraiser for their 24-hour domestic violence crisis services.

As National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, October provides YWCA MV with an extra platform to spread awareness about their mission to end gender-based violence. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men are somehow affected by intimate partner violence in their lifetime. YWCA MV says they see these numbers reflected through their services.

“In 2018, right here in Oneida County, our team provided more than 18,000 services,” said Stancato. “These numbers need to change. And we can make that change together.”

YWCA MV offers free and confidential domestic and sexual violence crisis services 24-hours. For domestic and sexual violence crisis services in Oneida County, call 315.797.7740. For sexual violence and child abuse services in Herkimer County, call 315.866.4120. For more information about YWCA MV, visit ywcamv.org or call 315.732.2159.