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Racial Justice Challenge

Until Justice Just Is#OnAMission

We believe it’s time to be more inclusive in our language and our campaigns. Since 2015, we have invited and inspired countless activists, advocates, and allies to join us in the movement to eliminate racism through our annual Stand Against Racism campaign. The campaign has served its purpose in the last eight years with gatherings that united our efforts against racism, but it is time to be more inclusive with our message as we continue to evolve and learn. While the campaign itself has long united us against racism, we acknowledge that for many, the word “stand” in its name evoked feelings of ableism, exclusivity, and disempowerment. As an organization dedicated to advancing justice for all, it’s our responsibility to ensure that all are included in the movement and inspired to take part in advancing justice in partnership with us. That is why we are renaming our annual racial justice campaign Until Justice Just Is.

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