AMEND Together

AMEND Together | Challenge. Cultivate. Change.

Changing a culture that supports violence against women by teaching healthy masculinity and respect.

AMEND Together is a primary prevention initiative dedicated to ending violence against women and girls by engaging men and boys to change the culture that supports violence. Implemented locally by YWCA Mohawk Valley, together, we seek to challenge the culture that supports violence, cultivate healthy masculinity in men and boys, and change the future for women and girls.

AMEND Together is a program designed and developed by YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee.

Together, we will make the Mohawk Valley the safest region in the nation for women and girls.

AMEND was fun to attend because it was a place where we can openly discuss "bad man behavior." We learned coping mechanisms and ways we can become a better male role model. AMEND taught me about empathy and better communication skills. AMEND teaches us to respect one another and to teach the next generation of men how to be a good man. Real men respect women.
Luu, 9th Grade

How can you get involved?

AMEND Together Partners

Gregory B. Jarvis Middle School
Holland Patent Middle School
Midtown Utica Community Center (MUCC)
Rome City School District
Utica University’s Young Scholars Liberty Partnership Program

Become an AMEND Ambassador

AMEND Ambassadors are prominent members of the Mohawk Valley community. These men and women lend their expertise to help the AMEND Together program succeed in our goals. Ambassadors work with us on strategic planning, fundraising, outreach, and events.

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