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The holiday season is just around the corner. At YWCA Mohawk Valley, that means making our clients’ wishes come true through Adopt-A-Family.

Through Adopt-A-Family, children who have known violent homes instead have peaceful and happy mornings, opening new presents they might only dreamed of having. Parents smiled at their beaming faces while opening their own gifts, as well.

Having escaped their abusers, it is likely that our survivors have no happy memories of the holiday season at all. But you can change that.

We all know the holidays are truly about sharing the joy of the season. This year, YWCA MV needs your help to provide gifts for survivors of violence across Herkimer and Oneida counties. Our caseload has increased due to the COVID-19 quarantine, resulting in the discovery for many that, sadly, home is not the safest place to be.

During the holiday season especially, our goal is to provide a safe home for our clients and their families where they can begin creating new and happy memories. Children having a gift to open, or parents having the ability to watch their children open their gifts, provides a heartwarming start to a lifetime of new memories and hope.

If you wish to participate in Adopt-A-Family, please complete the following registration form by Wednesday, November 18th.

For more information about Adopt-A-Family, email us at events@ywcamv.org.